Sure, it’s easy enough to tick off a bunch of clothes you like for your baby. But what about strollers, cribs, breast pumps, car seats, and baby monitors? You don’t want to add any of them to your cart without first doing a bit of research on which ones have the best ratings and meet your particular needs. You don’t have to create it at just one store either. And in our modern times, boy are you in luck! You can do it from your smartphone or another device without having to go into a store if you’d prefer.

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ANMEATE Baby Monitor – We originally bought this monitor just for travel but it quickly became our home monitor as well after we saw how easy it was to set up and use. The monitor is rechargeable so you can take it around with you while the baby is sleeping. The video is clear and we’ve had very few moments of “lost connection” even in the different places that we’ve used it. It’s also on the lower cost side of things, which I appreciate. Owlet Smart Sock – Honestly this just gave me so much peace of mind as a first time mom. I wouldn’t say it’s necessary but it was worth it to me.

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I still use the Haaka on days I wake up really full, or if I know I need a bottle for that night but don’t want to pull out my electric pump. You won’t need this right away, but even if you wait until later in the first year to start solids, we’ve used these for our babies before they were even eating solid food. You can put a few toys on the tray and let them sit at the table while the rest of the family is eating dinner.

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Our best wagons for kids little guy found his thumb on day 2 so I chose the lesser of 2 evils. We haven’t had any issues with nipple confusion while breastfeeding and it’s nice to have a solution when he gets fussy in public. Butt Cream – There are a few different options here.

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Breast pump – Breast pump is also a necessity, especially if you are a working mom. Even if you are a stay at home mom, you also need to express your milk to prevent the accumulation of milk that can cause pain. The breast pump also increases your milk supply.

It vibes with my kitchen and dining room well enough that it’s not an eyesore, and the price-point is SO much better than some other high chairs on the market. Plus, it turns into an adorable little chair after your baby transitions to a booster chair! It also comes with a 5-point harness, cushion, tray, and footrest. I adore this Thule Sleek Stroller system because nearly every single component is customizable and adjustable. The seat can be made to parent-face or face forward, and it has three recline positions. You can convert it into a two-child stroller with a simple adapter .

The Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Set With Spout Cover, Bath Kneeler, Elbow Pad, + Waterfall Rinser

I have a few versions on my registry but I loved that this brand grows with your newborn. It is super soft to the touch and I connected with the brand because of the story behind its inception. Below I have compiled my favorites and must have’s on any baby registry. They are all smart, stylish, and functional products.

A Light Weight Stroller

I don’t have the owlet video monitor, so I can’t comment on how it works, but they sell the Owlet Duo. These are excellent for light day-to-day blankets. We use them for the bit of traveling we do with her now, too- to me, worth the price.